[Behind the Scenes Video] Landon Shill Near Completion of EP @ Hit Warehouse Recording Studios

Landon Shill is an artist that I have had the pleasure of getting to know while helping him finish his soon to be released six[ish] song EP record here at Hit Warehouse, that he had initially started recording in Austin, TX.  We’ve approached the final phase of tracking.  Just a few more background vocals to layer in and that’s going to be a wrap for tracking!  Yesterday evening Landon came into the studio and laid down the law during his vocal session.  He was really able to take charge of his record with his vocal performance and ability to shift gears fluidly between the verses and choruses — controlling the dynamics, energy, and phrasing of the song in a way that will leave country music lovers listening on the edge of their seats for the entire song.  Here’s a little behind the scenes preview of one Landon’s originals that will be on his EP. Vocals are *so* important to the final product, *especially* in country music. We LOVE making country music with great country artists like Landon. Be sure to like his page and look out for his upcoming release. His record is going to be a HIT!

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  1. Demond Davis

    2 years ago

    Heck yeah! Way to go Landon 🙂 Can’t wait to sit and listen to this album from beginning to end!