Recording Studios

The Hit Warehouse recording studio is a 3,500 square foot, fully converted home studio where we applied industry specific techniques to isolate & “soundproof” our rooms from one another. Each of our five rooms were carefully designed and purpose built from foundation to ceiling and everything in between with extensive room treatments, cabling, including our custom isolated power grid, and artist comfort at the top of our priority list.

While there are many single room + vocal booth recording studios in the greater Phoenix area, we have focused on constructing a live recording environment with 5 rooms, all completely sound isolated from each other and the outside world. All of our recording studios’ room designs have been optimized to eliminate all parallel surfaces and reduce room modes (excessive ringing) in our tracking and listening spaces. Between all five rooms (not including an additional 600 sq foot overflow room with 8 channels of input.) we can comfortably fit 8-10 musicians and their instruments for live tracking scenarios, all while maintaining nearly 100% isolation between recording studios. Which basically means that we have the ability to record bands in the manner which they were intended to play. Together… As a group… In unison. However, for you solo artists or bands who prefer recording separately through the process of “overdub recording“, we’re happy to do that too!

Rooms, Construction & Acoustics


Control Room
We have a fully integrated and powerful Protools 10, HD6 rig which acts as the backbone of our studio. Aside from having some of the most advanced audio conversion available, we also have popular outboard preamps, compressors, and equalization that help us achieve the sonic goodness that our clients have come to expect and love. Our control room is suitable for critical listening during tracking and mix projects, and has been tuned to what can be very difficult to achieve, a +-3dB SPL variation beyond the 20hz-20Khz frequency spectrum. In other words, our control room is a very accurate listening environment! Our monitoring chain consists of (3) Digidesign 192’s, Focal Solo6 Be’s, a Focal Sub6, and Behringer Truth 2031A’s for secondary monitoring. For more information about gear, visit our Studio Gear page.

Live Room
We have a very unique live room that has been design to compliment acoustic instruments, electric guitars, and bass. All of our rooms utilize a combination of low end absorption, broadband absorption, diffusion, and targeted tuning through the use of custom built bass traps, broadband absorbers, along with tuned hemoltz & tube resonators.

Drum Room
By far one of our favorite rooms at Hit Warehouse is our drum room. Extensive design and acoustic treatments went into this room, and is slowly becoming known as one of our “secret weapons” in terms of acoustic spaces. The drum room is also an excellent space for recording instrument in a very transparent way. If vibe and room mojo is what you seek, all of our rooms’ bass and broadband absorption are easily movable and customizable at any point during your session. Our rooms can give you a huge and alive sound, or they can be smooth, detailed and transparent; giving the engineer, artists, and bands ultimate control over the character and vibe that each recording project portrays.

Vocal Booth
Vocal booths almost seem to be a thing of the past for a lot of recording engineers. While it seems like it would make sense to record a main vocal in the vocal booth, vocal booths seem to be used more for live recordings that require the vocal microphone to be isolated from other instruments, guitar amplifier isolation, and voice over work. Our vocal booth was designed for these purposes, with extra effort put into sound isolation and vocal clarity for delicate and intimate sung vocals or professional in-your-face, “In a world…” type of ADR/voice over session for sound for picture or commercial broadcast production.

Amp Room
This is a room you don’t see in many studios these days! But to us, our amp room is essential to isolating instruments from each other during in studio live recordings. Aside from the convenience of isolation, we have installed additional grounding circuits for noisy vintage amps or equipment with grounding issues and emitting unwanted noise. Additionally our amp room is about 7’x16′ which allows energy from speaker cabinets to disperse, guitars to sound open, clear, and three dimensional, as opposed to being stuck in a small speaker isolation box, or an untreated square room.