Let's Hit Record


The Importance of Community…

Hit Warehouse was conceptualized and founded on the idea of providing a place to nurture talent, and a professional audio industry resources to the local community of Arizona singers, songwriters, musicians, bands, producers, composers, students of the arts, educators, and the likes.  We are a contributor and main facility for the local music group, Arizona Songwriters Circle.  Hit Warehouse works with some of the finest industry professionals that bring years of talent, taste, and value to your project.  We can help you with music composition, production, recording engineering, editing, mixing, sound design, sound for picture, audio restoration and post-production projects.  In other words, we can materialize your creative ideas and bring focus to your “sound”.


We Bring Focus, Passion, and Results…

Aside from having one of the finest constructed recording studio facilities in Arizona, and some of the industry’s most cutting edge studio gear, our secret weapon are the people who work here.  Our staff of engineers, producers, and songwriters have been studying, performing, recording, and mixing music for a very long time.  Their cumulative experience spans over 80 years and can help bring your ideas to realization.  Every project is given a great deal of care and attention.  Our belief is that every project we lay hands on is part of our resume, and our opportunity to make an impression on you.  One that will make you look forward  working with us again in the future.   As a young studio run by a staff of engineers who have committed several years of their lives to the art of audio recording and mixing — we are committed spending several more years serving both clients old and new.  At Hit Warehouse, you can be confident in your selection of studios and know that we put hard work, attention to detail, and pride into every project that leaves here.

Our studio is equipped with 32 high quality inputs capable of recording projects from a simple vocal, to a 10 person big-band!

We’d love to tell you more, but our website is currently under construction, however our studio has begun its soft launch.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our services while we complete our website’s redesign.