Studio A Equipment List

Recording Platform

2013 Mac Pro  2.66 Quad Xeon w/ 24GB RAM, 4TB Storage, 256GB Crucial SSD session drive, dual Apple Cinema displays, and 36″ overhead display

Avid ProTools 10 HD6

Adobe Premier Pro CS6



(3) Digidesign 192’s



Focal Solo 6Be

Focal Sub6

Behringer Truth 82031A

Event 20/20 Subwoofer


Control Surface

Digidesign Control 24



Focusrite ISA 220 Channel Strip (1 Channel)

API 3124+ (4 Channel)

Vintech Model 473 (4 Channel Neve 1073 clone w/ EQ & DI’s)

Universal Audio 4-710D (4 Channel tube & solid state)

32 Channels of Focursite Platinum Series

Presonus Firestudio Project (8 Channels)


EQ & Compression

Charter Oak PEQ-1 – Stereo Program EQ

Warm Audio WA76 – 1176 Rev. D Compressor/Limiter with Premium Cinemag Transformers

ART PRO VLA II – Stereo Tube Compressor/Limiter

DBX 166 – Stereo compressor

UAD-2 Quad DSP w/ Analog Classics bundle


Outboard Effects

Lexicon MX300

Lexicon MPX550


Cue / Headphone System

Behringer Powerplay 16 – Do not let the name fool you.   This cue system rivals that of the Furman and Axiom systems.  It offers clean playback, great flexibility, easy to use, high output, and low noise floor.  Each artist or musician in the recording studio gets full control over their headphone mix, including EQ, limiting, and individual channel control.  The signal is carried to each room via our studio’s integrated cat-6 gigabit network.



We have way to many plugins to list!  We feature plugins from Metric Halo, Anteres (Autotune), Celemony (Melodyne), Slate Digital, Kush, Focusrite, Avid, Izotope, SynchroArts, Kush Audio, Universal Audio and more that will give you ultimate control over your session’s sound, and sonic creativity.  We also feature 1 Terabyte of EastWest’s top of the line, Symphonic Orchestra Platinum instrument libraries along with others, giving you access to the worlds best virtual instruments created with top players, in the best recording studios for professional and moving music productions that will leave your listeners in awe.


Have your own gear?

Have your own pre-amps, EQ’s, Compressors, or time based effects?  We have provisions ready to plug your gear directly into our patch bays with no hassle!   Unfortunately, for security concerns, we can not allow guest engineers to install digital plugins onto our studio computers.   We feel that we have more than enough plugins and outboard gear to work with in order to make a sweet sounding record!

Studio B Equipment List

Coming soon!