Jim Pipkin

Jim Pipkin

Jim has performed his original songs on hundreds of stages over the years, from Nashville’s Bluebird Café to the now-defunct Union Grove Fiddler’s Convention in North Carolina. At the same time he has worked on farms and loading docks, in orchards, gold mines, and textile mills, even serving as a Gunner’s Mate in the United States Navy.

Jim appeared by invitation at the World Folk Showcase in Washington DC, and has represented Arizona’s songwriting tradition as a guest of both the State of Arizona and the Folklore Society of Greater Washington at the FSGW’s annual Getaway at Camp Letts, Maryland.

Jim’s original songs have been recorded by Kerrville Folk Festival co-founder Allen Damron, Arizona’s Joe Bethancourt, Portland’s Haris Blackwood, and Baltimore’s Sue Trainor among others.

Jim’s Discography:

1989 “Primitive Mind” on Cornerpoint Recordings
1990 “357 Miles East of LA” ZIA Records Compilation
1991 “Slick Man” on Cornerpoint Recordings
1992 “Fireline” on Cornerpoint Recordings
1994 “Spirits” on Cornerpoint Recordings
2004 “Spirits” re-release on AMAZ Records
2004 “Time is Talking” on AMAZ Records
2005 “Folk Sessions Live” compilation for KJZA-FM
2006 “Fruit of the Yew” self-released
2008 “Rebel Souvenirs” self-released
2013 “Rollin the Dice” self-released